Advisory on Payment Holiday Due to COVID-19 Quarantine

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented a Payment Holiday. Cardholders in good standing and with due dates from March 16 to April 15, 2020 can skip their due dates and make a payment 30 days after.

Notwithstanding the Payment Holiday, cardholders who do not need a payment deferral may still pay for their Total Amount Due through any digital banking channel in order to minimize finance charges on any unpaid balance.

We also continue to make available the Purchase and Balance Conversion facilities including UNLI 0% / UNLI Installment to help cardholders manage their cash flow and lessen the finance charge that will be incurred on any unpaid balance. Cardholders may send an email to for their Purchase Conversion (UNLI 0% / UNLI Installment) requests.

Please be assured that we are doing our utmost to be of help during this time. We will continuously monitor the situation and assess how else we can be of service. Thank you and we hope that you and your loved ones remain safe.

Reminders: Accounts that are part of Payment Holiday will have no Minimum Amount Due if cardholder has paid the Minimum Amount during prior cut-off. Unpaid Outstanding Balance will incur interest. Late Charges, on the other hand, will be waived. Excluded under the Payment Holiday Arrangements are Corporate Cards, B2B Cards, and RCBC Bankard Services employees.   

See the Frequently Asked Questions about the Payment Holiday here.