Find the Right Card for You

Get the RCBC Bankard credit card suited for your needs without having to wait for credit approval!

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With RCBC Bankard NOW, apply for your preferred RCBC Bankard at any of our partner stores, get approved in as fast as 1 hour, and shop at 0% installment right away!

How it works:

Submit your application form and a valid ID*.

Get approved in as fast as 1 hour!

Make your first purchase upon receipt of the approval SMS.

Get your dream gadget or appliance at 0% installment.

*For Non-Card applications, see list of application requirements in the FAQs below. 

List of Partner Stores and Branches

TrinomaTrinomaSM North EdsaAlabang
GloriettaSta. LuciaAlabang Town CenterOrtigas
Festival MallMegamallMall Of AsiaCommonwealth
Light MallFestival MallFairview
Alabang Town CenterFairview Terraces

Fisher Mall

Ever Commonwealth

Monumento Caloocan


What are the requirements in applying through RCBC Bankard NOW? 

For applicants with existing credit card from another bank (Carded):  

        ◦ Completely filled-out and signed application form 

        ◦ Copy of one (1) valid ID 

For New-To-Credit card applicants (NTC): 

        ◦ Completely filled-out and signed application form 

        ◦ Copy of 2 valid IDs (Company ID and any Government-Issued ID)

        ◦ Latest proof of income (ITR, Payslip, COEI)

        ◦ Proof of billing address under the name of the applicant 

How long does the processing take? 

With RCBC Bankard NOW, you can get a decision for your credit card application in as fast as 1 hour upon submission of all required documents and completely filled-out application form.

How will I know the status of my application?  

You will receive an SMS informing you of your credit card application status.

If my card application is approved, will I be able to use it immediately?  

Yes! Although we will not be issuing you the physical credit card yet because it will take around 5 to 10 working days before we can send the physical card to you, you can immediately use your newly approved RCBC Bankard credit limit to complete your pending transaction at the partner merchant branch where you applied because we will be sending you via SMS your unique Customer Account Number, approved Credit Limit and the partner merchant branch.

Will I be able to enjoy the 0% Installment or regular installment rates? 

Yes! You will enjoy all the perks and privileges available to all regular RCBC Bankard cardholders including the Unli Installment/Unli 0% and 0% Installment in accredited merchants.

If my card application is denied, when can I re-apply? 

You may re-apply after 6 months from the time your application was declined. Alternatively, you may opt to apply for an RCBC Bankard under the InstaCard Program. 

Will the annual fee be waived for life? 

Yes, but only for the first year of membership.

Is there a processing fee? 

Yes, a processing fee of Php500 will be automatically charged to your account the moment you use your approved credit limit at the partner merchant branch.

Will you waive the processing fee?  

No, the processing fee will not be waived. 

What if the credit limit approved is not enough for the appliance/gadget that I want to purchase? 

You will have to cover for the amount in excess of your credit limit using your own funds. For instance, your approved credit limit is Php30,000 but the item that you want to purchase costs Php50,000, then you will pay the remaining Php20,000 via cash or another mode.

Still have questions? Contact us.