Swipe2Save with your RCBC Bankard

Promo Mechanics Eligibility
  1. “Swipe to Save” Promo will run from July 31 to September 30, 2019 (“Promo Period”).
  2. The Promo will be open to all RCBC Bankard Principal and Supplementary cardholders who will meet all of the following criteria (“Qualified Clients”):
  • Non-RCBC depositor;
  • With at least 12,000 Bankard points;
  • With good credit standing;
  • Will convert and use their Bankard points to open a Peso Savings or Checking account with RCBC during the promo period.
  1. The Qualified Client can choose how much Bankard points s/he want to convert from the table below:
      Required RCBC Bankard Rewards Points   Equivalent Peso Value
A 12,000 Php 3,000
B 20,000 Php 5,000
C 36,000 Php 9,000
  1. All qualified clients who will meet the required initial deposit will be awarded a cash gift depending on their initial deposit amount:
Initial Deposit Equivalent RCBC Cash Gift
Php 3,000 Php 200
Php 5,000 Php 350
Php 9,000 Php 600

Conversion of RCBC Bankard Reward Points Procedures

  1. A Qualified Client shall call RCBC Bankard Customer Service at 888-1-888 to request the conversion of the RCBC Bankard rewards points to open a peso savings or checking account.
  2. RCBC Bankard will send the Qualified Client a confirmation three (3) working days upon the request via an SMS with a Reference ID to be presented upon account opening to any RCBC Branches nationwide.
  3. The Qualified Client shall visit any RCBC branch to open a savings or current account and shall bring the following:
  4. One (1) valid ID and/or any documentary requirements necessary to open a deposit account;
  5. At least PhP100 as an initial deposit; and
  6. The SMS confirmation with the Reference ID sent by RCBC Bankard.
  7. The peso value conversion equivalent of the RCBC Bankard rewards points shall be credited within ten (10) banking days from account opening and equivalent cash gifts shall be credited within the end of the month.
General Conditions
  1. This Promo is subject to the governing terms and conditions of the RCBC Bankard credit card, its issuance and use, and the governing terms and conditions on how to avail the RCBC Rewards Program.
  2. The equivalent cash gifts shall only be credited to the newly opened RCBC peso savings or checking account. It cannot be converted outright to cash, and cannot be assigned to any third person or entity.
  3. A Qualified Client can only avail of this Promo once at either any RCBC branch. Succeeding requests for conversion of RCBC Bankard rewards points by the same Qualified Client shall be treated as a regular availment without any cash gift equivalent.
  4. Claim and receipt of all cash gift shall be subject to RCBC’s policies and procedures.
  5. All newly opened accounts are subject to RCBC’s policies and procedures and/or standard terms and conditions governing deposit accounts.
  6. In case of dispute, the decision of RCBC and RCBC Bankard on all matters relating to the Promo, with the concurrence of DTI, shall be final and binding on all clients.

DTI FTEB Permit No. 14307, Series of 2019