2x Bonus BIG Points with AirAsia Credit Card


Promo Period: November 8 to December 31, 2021
Registration Period: November 8, 2021 to January 14, 2022

  1. The 2x Bonus BIG Points Promo is exclusive to AirAsia cardholders whose accounts who are in good credit standing.
  2. AirAsia cardholders can get 2x Bonus BIG Points for purchases on the following categories: grocery, dining, e-commerce, bills payment, entertainment, and AirAsia spend.
    Here is a sample computation:
SpendRegular BIG PointsBonus BIG PointsTotal BIG Points
Php20,000 (Domestic Spend714 BIG Points714 BIG Points1,428 BIG Points
Php5,000 (AirAsia Spend)400 BIG Points400 BIG Points800 BIG Points
  1. For Installment purchases, the original amount and its transaction date will be counted.
  2. To qualify, cardholders must register online at https://cloud.marketing.rcbcbankard.com/AA-2xBIGPoints and provide the following information: Card embossed name and First 8 and last 4 digits of Card. The cardholder must only register ONCE within the specified period and ensure that correct details are entered. Registration with incomplete card number and misspelled name will not be approved. The Principal Cardholder must have updated contact details with RCBC Bankard, and by registering for the promo, the cardholder agrees to receive SMS/text messages or e-mails, and freely consents to process his/her personal information in relation to the promo.
  3. Once verified, qualified transactions will be extracted on the last working day of the month and BONUS BIG Points will be credited to the cardholder’s BIG account within 10 working days from end of registration period.
  4. Cardholders will be notified about the offer via email.
  5. RCBC Bankard holds the right to certify whether or not a cardholder is eligible and his/her account satisfies the criteria set in the promo mechanics.
  6. RCBC Bankard’s decision, in concurrence with DTI rules and regulations, regarding this promo will be deemed final and non-negotiable.

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-130840, Series of 2021