Advisory on Upcoming Changes in Cash Loan, Your Cash, Balance Transfer, and Balance Conversion Fees

Manage your cash flow better by converting your outstanding balance to up to 36 months installment through Balance Conversion. You can also avail of a Cash Loan which allows you to convert your unused credit limit to cash or enjoy extra cash on top of your credit limit through Your Cash. If you have balances from other credit cards, you can consolidate and move your non-RCBC Bankard credit card balances to your RCBC Bankard and enjoy easy installment payment through Balance Transfer.

Effective April 15, 2021, the following changes in processing fees for these services will be applied:

A one-time processing fee of Php250 will be charged if preferred cash disbursement is through RCBC bank deposit and Php350 for non-RCBC bank deposit or check delivery. A reprocessing fee of Php150 will be charged for errors on Recipient Account Details.
A one-time processing fee of Php200 will be charged.
A one-time processing fee of Php250 will be charged for each Balance Transfer availment.

We hope that we continue to provide support and initiatives to help ease some of the financial challenges.