Advisory on Changes in the RCBC Bankard Rewards Program

Continue enjoying flexible, non-expiring rewards points with your RCBC Bankard. Starting April 15, 2021, the Rewards Program will be updated to:

Initial Redemption will start at 3,300 Rewards Points.

The Peso Equivalent of your Rewards Points can be used as cash credit or payment to your RCBC Bankard, deposit to an RCBC Savings/Checking account, redeemed as gift certificates or as a donation to your preferred charity.

Rewards PointsPeso Equivalent
9,900Annual Fee Waiver for Principal Classic
4,950Annual Fee Waiver for Supplementary Classic
19,800Annual Fee Waiver for Principal Gold
9,900Annual Fee Waiver for Supplementary Gold
16,500Annual Fee Waiver for Principal Diamond Card
6,270Annual Fee Waiver for Supplementary Diamond Card
23,760Annual Fee Waiver for Principal Platinum Card
(excluding World Mastercard and Visa Infinite)

Automatic donation through Diamond Cares Program will be changed to Php0.10 for every Php100 spend using an RCBC Bankard Diamond Platinum Mastercard.

Rewards points conversion to RCBC Bankard AIRMILES will be changed to 5 Rewards points = 1 RCBC Bankard AIRMILE.

You can redeem your RCBC Bankard AIRMILE to your preferred Airmiles Program starting from 2,500 RCBC Bankard AIRMILES. The AIRMILES Redemption will be updated as follows:

RCBC Bankard AIRMILESMabuhay Miles/AsiaMiles/GetGo/BIG Points Equivalent

For those enrolled in the RCBC Bankard Cash Rebate Program, the automatic cash rebate will be Php1.00 for every Php400 spend.

Disclaimer: For Co-Brand cardholders, the rewards redemption options of your respective cards will apply.

To check your available Rewards Points, look at the Rewards Summary table in your Statement of Account. To redeem, just go to our Contact Us form and choose Rewards Redemption.

Keep on using your Card to earn non-expiring, no-cap rewards points!